70s Era Gas Prices In The Near Future?

The economic news hitting mainstream is getting worse by the minute. Will we see 70′s era gas prices? The way it’s going… it sure does look like it. In turn we will see food prices skyrocket far above the increases you are already seeing! If you are not taking gas prices into consideration when preparing for future turmoil, […]

Top Economists Predict Rising Gas And Food Shortages

Rising Gas Prices Mean Rising Food Prices

Hawaii has already posted $5 dollar gas prices and you can expect this trend to continue. More alarming than that are the growing predictions of crop failures and rapidly skyrocketing prices for food as a result. The economic talking heads have been right on the money (no pun intended) in regards to what’s happening with […]

U.S. Credit Downgrading Signals Deeper Economic Trouble

The dollar continues rapidly on it’s downward spiral and the recent U.S. Credit downgrading is just more writing on the wall.  If you are not prepared for economic hardships you cold be putting yourself and your family at risk. Is there a risk of another depression? As this downward trend continues… expect rapid food and gasoline price increases, increased foreclosures and a deeper […]

Why You Will Not See Global Warming Bullshit On Alarming Signs

Al Gore An Inconvenient Bunch of Bullshit

If you still cling to the Al (carbon tax will make my buddies and I rich) Gore theory on global warming, you might as well leave now… you will not find any of that nonsense on here.  In fact, what you will find is the complete reality that it’s all a bunch of bullshit. Al […]